What is COMPASS?

COMPASS is a unique online assessment tool that is based on internationally recognised project management standards with 2 key features: a great user interface and meaningful reporting.

COMPASS is being used by many global and regional organisations to understand the competence levels within their PPM community. For many, the COMPASS user interface represents a huge step forward from traditional spreadsheet or database driven solutions. Additionally, the comprehensive group reporting means the captured assessment data can be cut and sliced in many more ways and is instantly available and always up to date. For others, the ability to have validation of scores throught 180, 360 or external moderation means that there is no longer a reliance on purely self-assessment scores that can vary greatly across the community.

What else can COMPASS bring to your organisation?:

  • Easily deploy a knowledge and experience self-assessment of your project professionals, from 1 to 10,000+
  • Capture evidence to support individual competence scores
  • Validate by 180 or 360 degree feedback to ensure consistency and accuracy or results
  • Tailor your assessment using bespoke competencies and competency groups
  • A simple user-friendly interface with guidance and hints
  • Comprehensive individual and group reporting and gap-analysis


Development Discussions

What COMPASS will really help you do is to facilitate and structure meaningful development discussions between individuals and their line managers by providing a comprehensive personalised report that can be printed and used during the meeting.

Outputs from the discussions and COMPASS will enable you to develop targeted training programmes and empower individuals to focus their self-development activities.


Typical comments from a COMPASS rollout include:

"Learnt a lot about my staff"

"It took a while but was time well spent"

"Structured interview was good"

"Highlighted things we do and don't do"


Want to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more then we can arrange online demonstrations or face to face meetings to run through both the user interface and also the administration area and show you how other organisations are using COMPASS to improve project delivery capability.

Please register for our free demo to have a first look at the user interface and then email compass.support@qa.com or contact your QA account manager to arrange an initial call to find out more.



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