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Quick Start Guide a quick look at the screens and some basic help on what to do on each one.
Explanation of Scoring and Evidence a full step-by-step guide showing each screen and actions.
List of Competencies a list of the basic APM competencies used in COMPASS.
Validating Assessments a walkthrough of how to use COMPASS in your development discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been given a corporate password by your organisation then you will need to create a COMPASS profile by clicking on the link on the LEFT HAND SIDE of your landing page. Please do not try and use it in the Username/Password boxes as it will not work. You need to create a COMPASS profile first.
If you have already created a COMPASS profile, then please use the Forgotten Password link to have it emailed to you. If you still have a problem, please use the contact details on the HELP page of your portal.
Log on to COMPASS or create a COMPASS profile and visit the MyAssessment page. You will find any assessments that have been allocated to you by clicking on the left hand "Start New" tab.
You can find the copy function under MyAssessments and the In Progress tab. You should see the drop down box which allows you to select an assessment to copy. If you cannot see the drop down box it is because you already have an assessment in progress. You can only have one assessment in progress at a time, so please submit that assessment first before copying another.
You can only print your report when you have submitted your assessment. Go to MyAssessments and the Submitted or Validated tab. Click on the assessment link and it will open up in a new window. You can print your PDF report by clicking the download link.
Launch the assessment and click on the 180/360 tab at the top of the page. Here you can enter the Line Manager and/or up to 4 other names and emails for your assessors.
If you wish to change your assessor, then launch the assessment and click on the 180/360 tab at the top of the page. You can Revoke invitations and then re-invite assessors from here.
When you invite people to assess you, if they already have a COMPASS profile, then your invitation will be linked to them by their email address. They will receive an email with a link in it, or they can find any pending assessments under their Assessing Others page. If they do not have a COMPASS profile, then they will have to create one by following the link in the invitation email (Please note, they will also need to know the corporate password if applicable). If they did not receive an invitation email then please check their email address at it may have been entered incorrectly. You can Revoke and Re-invite your assessor at any time by launching the assessment and clicking on the 180/360 tab at the top of the page.
To validate your scores (the scores agreed between you and your line manager) you will need to copy your original assessment and then amend the scores accordingly. When you come to submit the assessment you will have the option to submit the assessment as the Validated version.

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